UPDATED! My adventures in green screen sci-comm

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Thanks to the folks at ACS Reactions, I've gotten the chance to fight ninjas do a little green screen filming.  The first video, Zombie Apocalypse Survival Chemistry: Death Cologne, was based on a guest blog I wrote for Scientopia ('Chemistry for the zombie apocalypse') which I turned into a presentation most recently given at SciPop Talks!

The second video - Inside the Game of Thrones Poison, the Strangler - comes from a recent entry to this blog called 'Chemistry and King Joffrey'.

I even got to pontificate on why I love to blend science and pop culture.

...and talk video games...

Speaking of rocket science, I got to highlight the work of Mary Sherman-Morgan. Back on earth, two other ground-breaking women scientists are highlighted in the video below - Alice Ball and Dr. Rachel Lloyd.

ACS Reactions, with support from CAS, started 'Get To Know A Molecure'. I got to talk about carbon monoxide, rose oxide, and cortisol.

As part of a collaboration between SciPop Talks! and ACS Reactions, I got be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Another SciPop Talks! and ACS Reactions collaboration saw the collaboration of two loves of mine - science & football!

SciPop Talks! loves video games and we released the following video the same week Fallout 4 was released.

Star Wars! Living the dream!!!

...and the latest is one one of my favorite things! Whiskey!

I really enjoy writing and presenting these videos. Fingers crossed I'll get to do more in the future!


This post was first posted in April of 2014 when I'd done 3 videos.

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My @CONvergenceCon shenanigans!

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I'm super excited to be attending CONvergence (July 3-6) as part of the Skepchick crew.

Skepchicks is running the SkepchickCon, the science track at CONvergence.  This science fiction and fantasy con is chockablock full of great programming! SO MUCH TO DO!!!  When I'm not fangirling, I'll be putting on my somewhat-serious-face and participating in the following panels...

Thursday, July 3

12:00-4:00pm Invisible ink (I'll be helping experimenters in a Skepchicks activity/party room. They'll be other activities too!)

5:00 Hookers & Purls (I'm co-hosting a crafty salon for crocheters & knitters!  Dropping into a session like this is how I learned to knit in early 2013. Since then, I've been hooked. Sorry, not sorry, for that pun.)

7:00pm Worst Pseudoscience of All-Time: A Skepchick Debate

8:30pm Green Is Not Diversity

10:00pm Sci-Fail: The Skepchick Movie Review

Friday, July 4

12:30pm Ask a Scientist 

2:00pm Greeter in the Skepchicks activity/party room

3:30pm I'm getting my game on!

8:30pm Breaking Bad Science

11:30pm The Zombie Environment

Saturday, July 5

2:00pm Song of Ice and Fire and SCIENCE

7:00pm Geeks Without God Live Podcast

8:30pm Getting Away with Murder

10:00pm Volunteer in the Skepchicks party room

Sunday, July 6

12:30pm Secret Agent 101: Invisible Ink

 The rest of the time, I'll be attending panels, gaming, crafting, and skipping around the con. Woohoo!


CONvergence banner from con website

OITNB's Taystee gif from giphy

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