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24 Nov 2012 Nervine settled everybody's nerves by sedating everyone

23 Nov 2012 The perfect gift for the ungrateful bastard in your life!

22 Nov 2012 Best Black Friday deal: vaccinate a kid for $1

20 Nov 2012 Black People Don't...get sunburn (NOT)

19 Nov 2012 Dear @TheHill: Let's start a blog called 'Capitol Science' [UPDATED]

15 Nov 2012 I had a brown lady emergency, so I broke out my White Male Ally

06 Nov 2012 Chemistry is everywhere. Even in divorce.

31 Oct 2012 Happy Halloween! Let's make fake blood, chemistry style

26 Oct 2012 Every chemist should read @exlarson's 'In The Garden Of Beasts'

24 Oct 2012 #ChemCoach, Supervillain Edition