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Jun 25 2014

My @CONvergenceCon shenanigans!

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I'm super excited to be attending CONvergence (July 3-6) as part of the Skepchick crew.

Skepchicks is running the SkepchickCon, the science track at CONvergence.  This science fiction and fantasy con is chockablock full of great programming! SO MUCH TO DO!!!  When I'm not fangirling, I'll be putting on my somewhat-serious-face and participating in the following panels...

Thursday, July 3

12:00-4:00pm Invisible ink (I'll be helping experimenters in a Skepchicks activity/party room. They'll be other activities too!)

5:00 Hookers & Purls (I'm co-hosting a crafty salon for crocheters & knitters!  Dropping into a session like this is how I learned to knit in early 2013. Since then, I've been hooked. Sorry, not sorry, for that pun.)

7:00pm Worst Pseudoscience of All-Time: A Skepchick Debate

8:30pm Green Is Not Diversity

10:00pm Sci-Fail: The Skepchick Movie Review

Friday, July 4

12:30pm Ask a Scientist 

2:00pm Greeter in the Skepchicks activity/party room

3:30pm I'm getting my game on!

8:30pm Breaking Bad Science

11:30pm The Zombie Environment

Saturday, July 5

2:00pm Song of Ice and Fire and SCIENCE

7:00pm Geeks Without God Live Podcast

8:30pm Getting Away with Murder

10:00pm Volunteer in the Skepchicks party room

Sunday, July 6

12:30pm Secret Agent 101: Invisible Ink

 The rest of the time, I'll be attending panels, gaming, crafting, and skipping around the con. Woohoo!


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Oct 17 2016

Cracked chemical mysteries for #NationalChemistryWeek!

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National Chemistry Week is upon us and this year's theme is Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry. Here are real-life who, what, why do its!

The history of sux, the world's most discreet murder weapon

Because she didn't die

The suspicious case of Miss Sapwell

The poisoning of Potbelly patrons

How Forensic Scientists Find a Dead Body— And How Microbes Can Help

Find out what happens when a bunch of forensic folks get together and talk murder! Here's our Getting Away With Murder panel from CONvergence 2014.

Even fictional mysteries can benefit from careful analysis! Take a look at my post on what killed King Joffrey?

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Jun 11 2015

What I'm up to at #CVG2015

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CONvergence is a few weeks away and guess what?!?!

I'll be back for the second year in a row!


You know it, Denzel


This science fiction and fantasy con almost contains TOO MUCH goodness!!! As a Skepchick, I'll be participating SkepchickCon, the science track of CONvergence and other shenanigans. Here's what I'll be up to...

Thursday, July 2
Friday, July 3
Saturday, July 4

When not doing the above, I'll be skipping around the con doing ALL TEH con things!!! Huzzah!


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Jul 23 2014

Off to #dragoncon I go!

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DragonCon science

This is the year of multi-genre con madness! First, Emerald City Comicon, then CONvergence, now Dragon Con, and soon GeekGirlCon!  Why multi-genre cons? Because they've got big audiences of hardcore fans that are passionate about every aspect of the genre they love. That's prime science outreach territory!  Breaking Bad fans want to know about meth synthesis methods. Song of Ice and Fire Fans want to know about poisons. Zombie fans want to know how to survive.  Oh, and I'm a HUGE fan. Of zombies, Star Trek, Star Wars, BSG, GoT, Locke & Key, Firefly, all the camp that is the SyFy Original Movie, and much, much more!

Dragon Con's Science Track, led by the fabulous Stephen Granade, has great programming on deck for this year's con!  Check-out the full schedule here.  I'll be participating in the following...

Fri 2030: Zombies and Vampires and Mummies — Oh My! | Location: 202 - Hilton
The undead fascinate us, but what does “undead” mean? Are all undead monsters created equal? Panel scientists will examine life, death, and undeath.
Raychelle Burks, Lali DeRosier, Emily Finke, and Kristopher Hite

Sat 2200The (Non) Science of SyFy Movies | LocationGrand Ballroom West - Hilton
SyFy movies contains some…unique ideas about science. Our scientists discuss the real science, with special guest star SHARKNADO.
David Shiffman, Rachel Pendergrass, Raychelle Burks, Lali DeRosier, and Lisa Hoopes
(Note that this will run in a ballroom while other panels continue in the track room)

Sun 1000The Hands-On Science Power Hour! | LocationAtlanta - Sheraton
Give us an hour and we’ll give you a science buffet! We’ve got twelve hands-on experiments for you to try. How many can you do in an hour?
(Note that this will run in a ballroom while other panels continue in the track room)

Sun 1300Ask a Scientist! Location: Atlanta - Sheraton
You’ve got science questions? We’ve got science answers! Ask our panel of expert scientists anything you want to know about science.
Mika McKinnon, John Cmar, Pamela Gay, Raychelle Burks, David Shiffman, Stephen Granade (moderator)

Sun 2200: The Solve for X Science ShowLocation: Grand Ballroom East - Hilton
Puppet show, PowerPoint karaoke, quiz game, storytelling: the scientists are loose, and nobody knows what could happen next.  Find out more here



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