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Have I got a #chemistry story for you!

Mar 12 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Thanks to the folks at Chemistry World's Chemistry In Its Element, I've gotten the chance to use my NPR voice to tell the stories of six compounds. How can a compound have an interesting story? Link a bunch of atoms together. THE END. Ah, that's not the story. The story is about fighting a disease. Or finding out what landed all those people in the ER. Or learning how we found that wonder drug. There are flash starts, slow burns, dramatic endings, and cliff hangers. Below are the stories I got to tell. Click on the link and take a listen.

  1. Carminic acid - a red dye with one hell of a history
  2. Methyl salicylate - a winter's tale that burns (Want more? Here)
  3. Sodium azide - makes airbags work, makes us...
  4. Cedrol - a lovely smell that might save lives
  5. Brominated vegetable oil - ER docs hadn't seen this condition in decades (What more? Here)
  6. Haloperidol - researchers did make what they planned on - they made something far better.

I hope to do more of these podcasts - there are plenty of some stories to tell!




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