I have to listen to Pink Floyd. You get to pick the album... FOR SCIENCE!

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PF poll

I'll be listening to 'The Dark Side of the Moon' tomorrow morning while I knock-out some grading.  I might as well do two life-force draining activities at once.  I'll be live-tweeting my listening using the hastag #DSotM.


The moment I've dread has arrived. That's right, the Go Pink Floyd camp has hit the $1000 mark. It's time for me to face the music. The Pink Floyd music.  I've got to listen to an entire album and you'll be able to pick which one by voting in the poll below.  Polls will close October 3rd.

As I'll be listening via Spotify, only studio albums available (or soon to be) on this platform are listed.  I'll live-tweet my listening.  Likely with gifs and an over analysis of lyrics...

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  • Katy Anders says:

    I would probably be considered a bad Pink Floyd fan, because The Final Cut is my favorite by them... by far. It is the only one I still listen to. My vote for that one will likely be the only one, and we're you to is ten to it, you would really not be any closer than you are now to understanding Pink Floyd.

    (It is really fantastic and poetic and political and sad, though!)

  • Francis Daniels says:

    The Wall.

  • Cubist says:

    My vote: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. Because you can use that as the soundtrack to the classic film WIZARD OF OZ, which should hopefully ease the pain a bit.

  • Bruce O says:

    If DSOTM wins, be sure to listen while watching The Wizard of Oz.

  • Harbo says:

    I voted for Atom Heart Mother
    But why not amble along gently, and listen to the lot, well at least up until "Animals".

  • LightningRose says:

    Don't forget the weed!

    Oh, if DSotM wins, feel free to skip "Money"; it's utter drivel.

  • MNb says:

    For a headbanger like me only Animals is worth listening to and a very good listen it is.

  • acrannymint says:

    Wish you were here but consideration to Ummagumma if only for Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

  • SF says:

    The DSoM and the The Wall are the two best Floyd albums. Why - they were both recognized as landmark albums when they were released and have stood the test of time, even if way over played. But there a lot of other great ones to choose from, before Waters left. He may have been a dick, but they went soft after he was gone.

  • darms says:

    I suggest "Meddle", "Echoes" is classic long-form Floyd & the full title of the first cut on side one is "One Of These Days (I'm Gonna Chop You Into Little Pieces)".... & LR, "Money" may indeed be 'drivel' but can you name another hit song in 5/8?

  • TeamOrange says:

    My fave album is "Animals", but being as quirky and odd as it is, The "Piper" album has a better chance for long term damage 😀 /hug

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