I'll be listening to Nickelback. FOR SCIENCE!

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Fundraising for the DIY Science Zone to GeekGirlCon started the Battle Of Nickelback.  This fight as shown there are three types of donors:

  1. Anti-NB contingent (my people!)
  2. NB fans
  3. The Pro-SufferRb team - those that don't like NB, but want to see me suffer

This battle has been a tough one.  I came very close to listening to the NB albums 'Curb' and 'The State'.  Each time, the anti-NB contingent was able to save me.  Sadly, I think I am doomed to listen to NB very soon...

To date, we've raised a total of $3320.  Who is wining?!  Pro-NB and Pro-SufferRb or anti-NB?

As of September 18, 2013 at 2:15 AM BST...

NB fans &  Pro-SufferRb with $2010 raised!

Team anti-NB is trailing behind with $1310.

That difference of $700 meant I had to listen to NB's third album 'Silver Side Up' on September 16th, taking care of $500.  That means NB fans and Team Pro-SufferRb have $200 toward me listening to NB's fourth album 'The Long Road'.  Unless... unless team anti-NB donates to save me!  Click below and make a donation, noting "NO NB!". Alternatively, you can tweet me after your donation saying you're trying to save me!

Are you team pro-NB and pro-SufferRb?  Want to make sure I have to listen to lots of Nickelback? Like their fourth album 'The Long Rode'? Click below and make a "YES NB!" donation.  Alternatively, you can tweet me after your donation to wish me "Happy listening!"

Either way, science wins!

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  • […] For every $500 raised, I will listen to a different Nickelback album.  Surprisingly, there appear to be 7 Nickelback albums.  Just how will I prove I've listened to each album? Google Hangouts On Air! @DNLee5  will join me as she loves Nickelback.  UPDATE: @docfreeride is strongly advises against Nickelback consumption and will donate to have me NOT listen to Nickelback.  Mark your donation "NO NB" and you might be able to save me!  It'll take "NO NB"  funds equal $500 to save me from each album. [UNLOCKED! I'll be listening to a Nickelback album at 7pm CST on 9/16/13] […]

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