12 villages by the New Year

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There is no reason measles should kill 380 people - mostly children - each day.  We've got a vaccine, the Red Cross, and a way to make next year a healthier year.  Through the Red Cross you can buy....

      • vaccinations for 25 children: $25
      • vaccinations for 50 children: $50
      • vaccinations for 100 children: $100
      • vaccinations for 500 children: $500
      • vaccinations for a village: $1000

  The goal of this year's #VaxDrive is 12 Villages by the New Year.  At $1 a vaccination, that's 12,000 vaccinations.  That would take 480 people buying $25 bundles or 240 people buying $50 bundle or 120 people buying $120 bundles or a few high rollers buying the biggest bundles.  A family or office pool, a few less mochaccinos, skipping a dinner out... we can easily hit the target of 12 villages by the New Year.

 Click here: Thirty-seven Red Cross #vaxdrive

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