The perfect gift for the ungrateful bastard in your life!

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You know the type.  Buy them a gift and they always find a problem with it.  These people are known as 'ungrateful bastards' and they are a pain in the ass to shop for.  Well, have I got the perfect gift for the ungrateful bastards in your life!  Measles vaccinations for kids!

Picture it, a gift exchange, this holiday season.  You hand that ungrateful bastard a card that says the following...

According to the Red Cross, measles still kills an estimated 380 people each day worldwide, mostly children.  In your honor, a donation has been made to Red Cross to provide 25 children the measles vaccine.

There is simply NO WAY an ungrateful bastard can complain about this gift without sounding like a complete and total monster.  Perfect!

Don't delay, get the perfect gift for that ungrateful bastard today!

Click here: Thirty-seven Red Cross #vaxdrive




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