Dear @TheHill: Let's start a blog called 'Capitol Science' [UPDATED]

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There are at least 3 good reasons why The Hill should start a blog called 'Capitol Science':

  1. The Hill doesn't have general science policy blog.  Sure, The Hill has E2-Wire (Energy & Environment) and Healthwatch (you guessed it), but not a general science policy blog.  This actually leaves a lot of science uncovered.
  2. Think about all the wacky things said this year by certain members of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation!  If all 'Capitol Science' did was report on the shenanigans of committee members, this blog would NEVER run out of posts.
  3. There are lots of science writers and scientists-that-write who could contribute to this blog.  Like myself, just in case you were wondering...

UPDATE: I did not hear back from The Hill, but was encouraged to start my own damn 'Capitol Science' blog.  Who is with me (See #3)?!  Leave a comment!


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