That foreign policy #debate drinking game you were looking for

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Tonight's debate is focused on foreign policy.  For authenticity, use imported beer and hard spirits.

  • China blaming = shotgun a Tsingtao
  • "Time for talk/diplomacy is over" or "Talking/diplomacy isn't working" = shot of Absolut Citron
  • Any mention of British austerity measures = shot of Glenmorangie 18-year-old
  • North Korea mentioned, but neither North Korea or Japan = shot of Yamazaki 12-year-old
  • Cuba and/or either of the Fidel brothers = enjoy a bit of Havana Club & light-up a Cohiba
  • Libya mentioned in the breath as "going in there" = shot of Grappa, brand of your choice!
  • No mention of troop staffing issues or troop fatigue = shot of espresso
  • "Apologizing for America" = shot of Kentucky bourbon, brand of your choice!
  • Iran's nuclear program = shot of Hendricks
  • Afghanistan = pint of Strongbow
  • Any mention of Egypt = slam a Sakara
  • "Two state solution" = Black & Tan
  • Any mention of Mexico that does reference the cartel war = shot of Patrón Platinum
  • Any mention of Mexico that doesn't reference the cartel war = shot of Cabo Wabo
  • Venezuela and/or Hugo Chavez = slam a Polar
  • "Latin America" but not mention of any particular nation = shotgun a Coor's Light
  • EU crisis = enjoy a Grimbergen Triple
  • No mention of Iceland, Greece, or Portugal = shotgun a Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • Shout-out to Germany = sip a glass of Lingenfelder Riesling
  • Any mention of Africa = enjoy a bit of Amarula
  • Any mention of science = water break
  • Any mention of women = lady's choice!
  • Big Bird or "binders full of women" = keg stand. TWICE.
  • "With all due respect..." or "What my esteemed colleague..." = ouzo, brand of your choice

Feel free to add your own in the comments.  Happy drinking/debating!

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