This isn't a petting zoo

Oct 19 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Yes, I am giving you the side eye

While getting a cup of fuel at my local cafe, I felt somebody touching and pulling my hair.

This hasn't happened to me in nearly 5 years - a stranger petting me as if I were an exotic animal in a zoo.  As I turn around, the stranger says...

"Wow! Your hair is so cool! So fluffy and springy! Weird!"

We all know you never touch a black woman's hair, but clearly this stranger didn't get that memo.

"Do not touch me. This isn't a petting zoo."

The stranger "didn't mean anything by it".  Yes, stranger, you did.  If you "just thought my hair was cool", why didn't you just say, "Your hair looks great!"  That's what I say when I see a cool hair style.  You know what I don't do? I don't touch strangers.  I don't pet them and pull their hair to see if it's "springy".  Another's body, another's hair, is not mine to touch.

And stranger, spare me the "I was just curious" line. This is 2012. You've seen all kinds of black folks.  With all kinds of hairstyles   You know, just like non-black folks.  Even if my hair is a novelty, you don't get to touch me just because you're curious.

Do not touch me. This isn't a petting zoo.


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