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The folks here at Scientopia Blogs invited me to join their collective, which is a move I can only describe as 'one they will deeply regret'.

Who am I? Well, Winston Churchill once described me* as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma."  Sure, I use a pseudonym, but I'm hardly mysterious.  I'm a chemist living on the Left Coast that does a bit of this and that.  Part of the this and that is being Editor-in-Commandant of the Journal Of Are You Fucking Kidding (JAYFK).

Fear not, JAYFK devotees!  I will continue to run JAYFK will all the sarcasm and swearing you've come to expect.  What then, can you expect from Thirty-Seven?  This blog will have  posts like the those I've written on sux, Death Star and zombie chemistry.  Thirty-Seven will be SERIOUS.

Sort of.


*Actually, Churchill was describing Russia in 1939.

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